tavira transport

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Many of you will have your transport to Tavira arranged for you. For others this is the start of your vacation.The planning stage where you can relax and plan those special days in the Algarve.

We have tried several different options to get to Tavira but as one of us is a particularly impatient individual we always opted for driving. Initially hiring cars and then purchasing a left hand drive one in the UK and driving it to Tavira.

Car Hire firms are plentiful at Faro Airport but it is advisable to book from home especially in the high season. There is a Car Hire village at the airport that is situated on the right as you come out of the arrivals area.There are also a number of smaller agencies that will meet you once you are through the arrivals area. So just walk to the left as you enter the main airport foyer.

Enjoy the freedom See so much more

Get out and about and explore the region

Great way to discover new places

Get some exercise and check out the different villages

Best way to many of the beaches


Relax and stay safe