Tavira Parishes – Freguesias de Tavira are located in Eastern Algarve and together go to form the Conçelho of Tavira that covers an area of 611 sq. km. It is the third largest municipality in the Algarve and embraces all three geographical types found in the Algarve.

The uplands(Serra), the coast and the ´Barrocal´(the area in between).

Each area type has its own distinct character in demographic social and economic terms. In the Barocal and Serra the main economic activities are Agriculture with large areas of orchards.The production of honey figs olives and cork have been important to these areas for many years and remain so now.

Ria Formosa at Santa Luzia

The coastal area although now dominated by tourism still relies on fishing and aquaculture as a means of employment. The activities of these areas combine to create the special character of the municipality.

The variety of accommodation provided for the tourism industry varies greatly in each of the areas and these are highlighted in our Accommodation section.

Ferry to the beaches

In 2013 the Portuguese Government introduced local government reforms with the aim of reducing costs. In Tavira this meant a reduction of the parishes (Freguesias) from 9 to 6. Several of the existing parishes were combined to create one entity.