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Mercado da Ribeira

Built in 1887, the Mercado da Ribeira, Tavira, is typical of the common type of market in which was widely used in Portugal until the mid-twentieth century.
The building was inaugurated on June 30, 1887, after two years of construction. Before having its own building the market was held in the Constitution Square (currently called Praça da República) in tents and under the arcade of the City Hall. The decision to build the market is justified, among other reasons, by the need for greater control of the traded products and to improve hygienic conditions. According to archival records, the monitoring of the work fell to António da Silva Meira who will have also designed the final version of the project. It is a rectangular plant construction, with single floor, structured internally and externally from the two axes defined by the entrances. The mixed construction solution, common at the time, combines stone masonry walls, rigged in the wedges, with a metallic structure to support the covers of the internal space, representing the modern materials made available under the impulse of industrialization. The elements of formal characterization include the double gates in wrought and cast iron, the decorated pediments, the cornice and balustrade that close the facades, as well as a series of small ceramic elements that punctuate them that constitute perhaps a regional reference. The building functioned as a municipal market until 1999, having undergone rehabilitation and restoration works the following year, in order to introduce more modern commercial and cultural functions.

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