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Forte da Conceição

The Forte da Conceição, or São João da Barra, was ordered to build in 1670 by Capitão Geral do Reino , to strengthen the protection of Ria Formosa and access to the port of Tavira.
The Forte da Conceição, or São João da Barra, was built in 1670 by the Captain General of the Kingdom, the Count of Vale de Reis, to reinforce the protection of the Ria Formosa bar and access to the port of Tavira. The history of the building of the fortress is, moreover, documented in an inscription placed on the entrance door, which indicates that it was also the count who promoted the reconstruction of the bridge of Tavira in the seventeenth century. The plant forms a four-pointed star, having bulwarks at the angles, which are accessed by ramps. The main portal of full arch, turned to earth and preceded by moat, has backrest, in which were placed the royal coat of arms, the commemorative inscription of the construction, and another inscription, dated 1793, which indicates that on this date the fortress was rebuilt by Nuno de Mendonça and Moura, Count of Vale de Reis, trineto of the first uplift of the fort of the bar of Tavira. With the silting of the estuary and the diversion of the bar to the east, the fortress of Conceição lost its military functions, and its space was recently adapted to Nature Tourism. The remodeling project, by architect Victor Mestre, took advantage of the remaining buildings inside the plaza de armas, namely the stables, the pails, the governor’s house and the chapel.

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