Tavira Information is about providing you with important and useful numbers and in some cases essential contact details for your stay in Tavira. Hopefully those of you that have taken up residence in the Tavira area will also find the Tavira Information pages helpful.

When we first came to this area we relied on friends and contacts and then starting to collate the details ourselves. We have sub-divided the information into easily read sub-pages.

We know it´s on the bland side but contact numbers are important. You never know when you might need them. Maybe it´s the police you need to contact or there is a problem with the water or electricity and you need to get in touch with one of the company´s that provide your utilities such as Water or Electricity.

Tavira Post Office
Tavira Tourist Information Office

Follow the links below for the different sections on the Tavira Information page you can find them all in the one place. If there are other numbers you think should be added , please let us know

Tribunal Judicial de Tavira

The city of Tavira

Raincoat or sunscreen??

A Market somewhere close

Information just in case

Many and varied

Car getting the train or bus