Conceição e Cabanas de Tavira

Area – 69.44 sq km Ha Population of about 2 519 is a mixture of town and country with both farmers and fishermen residing within.

Conceição and Cabanas de Tavira were two seperate freguesias until 2013, when Government rationalisation throughout Portugal encourage Municipalities to reduce the number of parishes. In Tavira the number was reduced by 3 from 9 to 6.

The name Cabanas de Tavira means Tavira Huts in Portuguese which originates from the initial structures the local fishermen used to store their equipment. References to Tuna fishing in this area date back to 1734 when fishermen used the huts to store their fishing equipment and tools.There is still a small and active fishing fleet operating in the town and this is reflected in the annual Festa dos Pescadores that occurs each year in August.

This parish is also home to the the Benamor Golf Club which is used by both locals and tourists alike.

The economics activities of the population are based on the agriculture, building, trade, craftsmanship and tourism.