Tavira Churches

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição

The building works of this church were started in early 16th Century, after the Crown recognized the administrative division of Conceição de Tavira.
The church was started in the first quarter of the sixteenth century in the context of the creation of the parish of Nossa Senhora da Conceição. His patron saint belonged to the Order of Santiago. The temple has an admirable 16th century main portico composed of a broken arch with five archivists, inscribed on a gablete, the last archival being decorated with late-Gothic representations (branches, foliage, flowers, frowns, cheek dragons, among others). The interior consists of three naves of only three tramos, where stand out the capitals and the bases of the columns decorated within the classical, Renaissance language, which made school in Tavira in the context of the activity of the famous master mason André Pilarte. The chancel is covered by a 16th-century edge dome, the clasp of which features the weapons of the Order of Santiago in bas-relief. The temple received works in the mid-eighteenth century, thus gaining the Baroque pediment that animates the main façade and frames, the coat of arms of the Order of Santiago, modeled with mass Baroque forms.

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