Tavira Churches

Capela de Nossa Senhora da Piedade

Erected in 1758 next to the Fonte da Praça, where the castle wall was. It belonged to the confraternity of our Nossa Senhora da Piedade, now defunct.
This small temple, near the Fountain of the Square, belonged to the brotherhood of Our Lady of Piety and was built in 1758, next to the castle wall. According to the parish priest of the parish of Santa Maria at this time, Manuel Inácio de Arouca, the construction of the temple was due to the devotion that the people had to an image of Our Lady of Piety near, in the arch of the Fountain, leading devotees to gather the alms and the necessary licenses to make him a chapel. The portal was inspired by the model of some porticoes of the Convent of Graça and is decorated by a burning heart pierced by a dagger, and it is likely that some master of construction involved in the campaign of reconstruction convent has assumed the making of this portal. An oculus tops the portal, anticipating the façade’s finish through a curved pediment, of dynamic composition, ornamented with volutes. The interior is simple, of single nave, there is only one altarpiece of the Rococo period that frames a painting of Our Lady of Piety, of archaic features, possibly from the time before the altarpiece.

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